Hemorrhoid Balm Testimonials

‘This cream has completely taken away the pain and burning. I’m so impressed, no remedy from the chemist helped. This has been a miserable experience for me, but hemorrhoid cream has done wonders, thank you again!’
Ms Potgieter, Cape Town


‘I am so relieved that something worked for my haemorrhoids. My daughter told me about the product and after applying it, it worked immediately. I have never experienced that discomfort again. I can recommend this to any person.’
Mrs Brink, Sea Point, Cape Town

‘I am so impressed with Hemorrhoid balm. I was so embarrassed to go to a pharmacy to get a treatment for my haemorrhoids and I tried at least 3 different products but they gave me no relief. The pain disappeared instantly when I applied Hemorrid and I have not had haemorrhoids since! (That was a year ago)’
Mrs Salvador, Pretoria

‘I used up the entire container and it  helped a lot, and Hemorrhoid balm gave me definite relief for a number of hours, and its cooling effect relieved the discomfort.’ Ben, Johannesburg

‘Hemorrhoid Balm certainly alleviated my symptoms, thank you.’
Irene, Somerset West, Cape Town

There are other rectal problems that can present similarly to Piles, Hemorrhoids, Haemorrhoids, so it’s important to consult with a practitioner if you’re not sure.

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